Tuesday to Saturday
17:30 - 22:00

Ludwig Feuerbach Str. 33 Nuremberg

Taco Kit Saturday 23.1. with pre-order. This week with FLOUR tortillas 🙂

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A long time ago (2014), in a party far far away ...... (In Mexico) Two young students met, a Mexican guy and a Finnish girl (weird combination we know). When he saw her, the Mexican screamed “Órale !!!!! What a pretty girl” . He talked with her throughout the whole party, and after several dates, they fell in love. After a semester-full of traveling around Mexico and eating tacos, she returned to Finland. Later, the Mexican guy decided to travel to Germany and study the German language in Nürnberg (very difficult to learn). And so, the girl also decided to go to Nürnberg to study her masters.
After a while both missed Mexican food a lot and, therefore, decided to open the first 100.1% Mexican taqueria. And this is how the story of Órale Taqueria & Bar began.


For the time being, we are making Taco Kits to go once a week, usually on the weekend. Please find more info in the GALLERY


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